Pest Control Courses

Keeping pests under control is vital to public health and to business.

Dealing with them effectively requires detailed knowledge and skills due to the use of potentially harmful substances.

In some control methods, there is a legal requirement for those handling such substances to have the appropriate qualifications to prove they can handle, apply and store these substances safely.

Our suite of pest management courses are continually developed to meet legislative requirements, ensuring you are learning the very latest in best practice.
Widely applicable, our courses are suitable for those working within agriculture, horticulture, game management, facilities management and public health.

Our Pest Control Courses

Without the appropriate training, individuals can only purchase limited amounts of rodenticide.

As our rodent course is approved by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU), our training course will ensure that you are compliant with this ruling.

Courses include –

  • LANTRA Awards Responsible and Effective Control of Commensal Rodents
  • LANTRA Awards Rodent Control on Farms
  • LANTRA Awards Rabbit and Mole Control
  • City & Guilds NPTC Safe Use of Aluminium Phosphide
  • Lantra Awards ITA in Rodent Control
  • Lantra Awards ITA in the Management of Pests in Grain Stores
  • Lantra Awards ITA in Rabbit Control
  • Lantra Awards ITA in Mole Control
  • Lantra Awards ITA in the Management of Flies in Livestock Buildings