COVID-19 Government help for self-employed

COVID-19 Government help for self-employed

On 26 March, the UK government published their proposals to provide financial assistance to the self-employed. Some people are asking how to apply for this support.

The plan is that the tax authorities will contact you if they think you are eligible. In other words, you should not have to get in touch with them.

Once they contact you, you’ll need to complete some sort of application. If they decide you tick all the right boxes, they will pay the money straight into your bank account.

We’re guessing it will take a few weeks to swing into action, but keep a look out for information from HM Customs & Excise. As always, keep a lookout for scammers too. Even in these times, there are criminals who may try to get details of your bank account.

You can see a bit more detail on the Welsh Government web site.

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